Curly's Jacket Potatoes

Curlys Jaket PotatoesCurly’s Jacket Potatoes

The best and tastiest potatoes

Established since 1997 …

The perfect snack or bite to eat to get you through a busy day’s shopping.   Situated in the very centre of Banbury outside the Town Hall, Curly’s is a long established popular food outlet.

A wide selections of toppings – you name it!  Straight from the oven from around £2 each.

Curlys Jaket Potatoes

Also, ask about our dinkin donuts 🙂  Only 10 for a £1!

Short of time?  Text your orders to Curly in advance on 07748156479.

Curlys Jaket Potatoes

Contact details

Locations Outside the town hall.
Opening times Monday – Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Phone  07748156479
Email [email protected]

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