Why add my shop?

It’s free and only takes a minute.  Furthermore, the Banbury Market Place shopping brand is fast gaining notoriety from out-of-town shoppers so it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your business and target new markets.  Shoppers from Oxford, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and London regularly visit the website and daily page views are in the hundreds.

How can I add my shop?

Simple.  Email us at [email protected] with details of your business and what it offers to the Banbury shopper and the wider Banbury shopping experience.  Please include ‘accurate’ opening times, products, services and brands that you offer and also what makes your shop unique or exclusive.  Also consider out of town shoppers and tourists that we hope to market to.  Are some of you offerings exclusive to Oxfordshire or even the UK, for example?

Add links to your website, social media accounts such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and contact details, phone number, email contact, for us to include at the bottom of your Market Place profile page.

You may wish to share with Banbury Market Place any artwork, logos and designs used for printing that will help us promote your business and get your message across to the Banbury shopper.

Please only supply artwork that you own or have been given permission to use online e.g. a brand logo. If you supply artwork from your suppliers, with their permission, then we will only associate those brands to your Market Place profile as appropriate.

That’s it.  We’ll add you shop page straightaway to Banbury Market Place for you then to review before we publish it and help you promote it across our online platforms.

Happy selling 🙂

Just a quick message to say thank you.  I have couple of new clients booking through Banbury Market Place – Dream Nails

Getting more from Banbury Market Place

Keeping us informed

Use Banbury Market Place as you would Facebook or Twitter.  When you post on those then why not post on your pages or drop us an email if that’s easier to [email protected].  Once we have setup your shop’s Banbury Market Place profile we are very keen to keep it update and relevant.  Any new offers, menu changes, opening hour changes, new stock or seasonal changes, be sure to email us at [email protected] or post on any of out social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

Email services

Would you like to receive email enquiries from visitiors to your Banbury Market Place profile and don’t have your own domain or would prefer not to publish you personal email?  No problem, we’ll set up a [email protected] for you to receive enquiries and forward them to your non-published personal email e.g. [email protected]  You don’t have to supply a website or a Facebook page for this email service.

From statistics to footfall

The majority of our traffic is derived from search engines for Banbury shopping coming from out of town.  Your profile page is an excellent way to communicate with your customers, the Banbury Shoppers, and in turn create more footfall into the town and also link back in turn to your shops website and social media platforms.