Weddings in Banbury

Brides in the Banbury area are well provided for, with a range of services and retail outlets to cater for all their wedding preparation needs and to make sure that the day will be a special one, and the days beforehand are stress-free.

First, the rings.  There are several jewellers in Banbury, including Watermans Goldsmiths and Jewellers, who have been offering bespoke jewellery for over 20 years, and provide unique designs in ethically resourced materials.

The bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses

Brides do not have to go far to find the perfect dress.  Banbury is well supplied with bridal wear services to help you find the gown that is just right for you without breaking the budget.

Banbury Bridal provides brides with a relaxed, inviting and calm environment in which to choose their wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and accessories whilst offer friendly and calm services with a wide range of designer and off-the-peg dresses and accessories.


Rolls Royce chauffeur driven for weddings and special occasions.

This classic English Rolls Royce is a long wheel base, plenty of room for relaxing, it has presence and refinement and smoothly glides you along to your destination in luxury, it is metallic blue so adds a great background contrast against a white or light dress.

It has chrome trimmings, the interior is expensive ivory leather and there is wood veneer craftsmanship and luxury feel rug carpet.
For a competitive quote let us know  your requirements, dates times, venues,  we are flexible with waiting times so you can relax on your special day. You can book for other occasions, anniversary proms, treats, and celebrations.
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Banbury has long been associated with cake – and what could be more special than that gorgeous looking wedding cake that will be for ever remembered in the photographs, as well as being delicious?  Whether you want the traditional three-tiered, prettily decorated cake, or a more modern or unconventional design, cake makers such as Looby Loo Cake Company will provide you with the cake of your dreams.


Of course, weddings are not all about the bride and groom.  Relatives and guests all have their own preparations, whether it’s choosing the perfect wedding gift, or deciding what hat to wear.  Banbury has plenty of choice.  Even children are not left out.  At Kids Exclusive, they have a specialist department for bridesmaids, page boys and special wedding day outfits all geared to the under 13’s.


For the bride, bridesmaids and female guests, some last minute prettying up will be provided by several hair, beauty and nail care shops in the town.  Those finishing touches that will add a touch of glamour to your photographic memories can be achieved at places such as So Hair, Nails and Beauty or Dream Nails.


And let’s not forget those extra special touches that won’t be seen by the photographer.  All women – but especially brides – feel just that little bit extra special when they are wearing some silky, sexy, high quality lingerie.  Ann Summers of Banbury provide a bra-fitting service, and a range of underwear that will make sure you are looking and feeling your best on the day.

From photographers to cake makers, bridal wear to millinery, Banbury has everything you need to create the perfect wedding.  For a full list of wedding suppliers on Banbury Market Place please click here.